Monday, August 27, 2012

Update: College, Change, & a Hurricane!

Hey everybody!

So I know I've been slower on my updates but that's because a lot has changed in the last two weeks and I haven't had much time to sit down and read and get the reviews out quick enough! So here's a quick update on what's been going on in my life that it's been a bit hectic.

Two weeks ago, I moved into college for my freshman year! And let me tell you, I love it! I love my college, and I love meeting new people. I'm so happy, but classes started last week and I've been super busy adjusting to all the change and haven't had much time to sit down with the books I need to read for review. Luckily, today I've had some downtime and I was able to finish one of the books on my list for review -- the review of it will be posted after this so be on the lookout!

Also, if you saw my book haul, I ordered three books and I finally got them from my house, since they were shipped home and didn't arrive before I left for college. I went home last night, because today was my mom's birthday and we celebrated last night! So I finally have those books, but they're last on my list right now, the others will be first.

Also, I'm heading back home because after today's classes, because of Hurricane Isaac, my college is being closed Tuesday and Wednesday. The perks of living in Louisiana. So i'm going to my parents house so I'll probably have time to read, especially if the power goes out. So I won't be posting, even if I finish the books but I'll be reading and hopefully have a lot for posting!!

If you live in the area of where the hurricane will be heading like me, stay safe!!

Happy Reading!


  1. Awesome, hope you enjoy life as a college student. You must be super busy! xD What are you studying for? By that I mean what do you want to be when your older?

    1. I'm a psychology major right now (: everyone's telling me it's going to change over the course of the years but I really want to be a therapist and help teenagers and kids! I think i'm adding a creative writing minor, because you know that's my dream :P but yes I am super busy! My roommate and I are currently sitting in our beds studying and doing homework with big cups of coffee because we're swamped (except I keep taking blogging breaks... but shhh, she doesn't have to know that!)