Friday, October 19, 2012

Fan Girl Friday #2

So for this week's Fan Girl Friday I have an interview from the same research project as last week except this one is with Leigh from Little Book Star. You should check out her blog because she's awesome! Thank you so much for your help!

Maureen's Book Haven: Why did you start your blog?

Leigh LBS: I started my blog because I wanted my own place to just blog about the books that I've read. I wanted to share my opinions outside of Goodreads. I was hesitant at first and really thought about whether to start a blog or not because I was afraid I wouldn't get any followers/readers since so many people were doing it! Also, I'm busy with school so I was unsure if I'd get any reading done. But you know that feeling when you really really want to do something and you can't stop thinking about it for days? Yup, that's what happened and I'm sooo happy that I decided to just go and make one!

Maureen's Book Haven: What motivates you to keep posting on your blog?

Leigh LBS: Books! There are sooo many wonderful books out there whether it had been published some time ago or soon to be released! Also, the people on Goodreads motivate me. I'm super jealous of the people who've read more than a thousand books. I want to achieve that someday, but that's like in 50 years lol! And of course, my followers!

Maureen's Book Haven: How often do you normally post?

Leigh LBS: It depends, I don't have a specific day of when I post my reviews etc. (I know some bloggers post every Tuesday & Thursday). I do have a planner though. I have schedules of when to post up stuff on Microsoft Word. It would say: "Book Title by Author | Type of post | Date (of when it will be posted.")

Maureen's Book Haven: How many followers do you have?

Leigh LBS: Right now I have 170+ :D I was so happy when I reached my 100 followers!

Maureen's Book Haven: How much time do you spend on your blog per week?

Leigh LBS: Honestly, everyday. heehee. I can't stay away from my blog. Lol, even if there's nothing to post. I just like to visit my blog and reread some of my reviews. 

Maureen's Book Haven: Is blogging a dominant part of your everyday life? If so, how dominant?

Leigh LBS: Omg, yes. I check it like the first thing in the morning. Lol not literally but I do check it in the morning. THe blogging world is just an exciting thing to me. :)

Maureen's Book Haven: Are there any benefits for you from blogging? If so, what are they?

Leigh LBS: Definitely the experience and making blogger friends. I love talking to authors, getting the chance to read and review their books plus interviewing them. I'm very thankful that I found the blogging world, I love it more than my phone x) well, just a tad.

Thank you so much Leigh! Please check out her blog as a huge thank you from me!

Happy Reading!


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