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Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson Book Review

by Laurie Halse Anderson
Published March 19, 2009 by Viking Juvenile
288 pages

Lia and Cassie are best friends, wintergirls frozen in matchstick bodies, competitors in a deadly contest to see who can be the skinniest. But what comes after size zero and size double-zero? When Cassie succumbs to the demons within, Lia feels she is being haunted by her friend's restless spirit.

In her most emotionally wrenching, lyrically written book since the multiple-award-winning Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson explores Lia's descent into the powerful vortex of anorexia, and her painful path toward recovery.

Wintergirls is a book about this girl Lia who is anorexic and determined to be the skinniest girl ever. Her best friend, who had been on this journey with her, just died. As Lia comes to terms with how she died and not being there to keep her alive, you follow her through her ups and downs.

This novel was amazing and breathtaking as well as a little disturbing. I loved the imagery that Anderson creates -- she can use words to their full extent and it leaves you with the most vivid pictures in your head. The details are impeccable. What I really loved, was how this was a book about a serious issue that is going on in society -- body image and eating disorders. However, it wasn't critiquing eating disorders throughout -- which might sound like a bad thing but instead it was enlightening. It was told from Lia's point of view, and you see how it truly is a disease. You see her side of the story. When dealing with eating disorders, you don't understand what goes through their heads and how they function. It's not just oh, I'm going to stop eating now -- it's so much more than that and Anderson captured that perfectly.

I loved it. It was honest. It's something you have to be prepared for. It's not a light book to read, and it could be a very bad trigger for someone dealing with something along these lines. The quotes below were some that really stood out to me even though there were so many awesome images that were in this book!

 "For one moment we are not failed tests and broken condoms and cheating on essays; we are crayons and lunch boxes and swinging so high our sneakers punch holes in the clouds. For one breath everything feels better."
"I need to run, to fly, beating my wings so hard I can't hear anything over the pounding of my heart. Rain, rain, rain, drowning me." 
"We held hands when we walked down the gingerbread path into the forest, blood dripping from our fingers. We danced with witches and kissed monsters. We turned into wintergirls, and when she tried to leave, I pulled her back into the snow because I was afraid to be alone."
My rating: 5/5
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