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So B. It by Sarah Weeks Book Review

So B. It
by Sarah Weeks
Published October 4, 2005 by Harper Collins
288 pages

You couldn't really tell about Mama's brain just from looking at her, but it was obvious as soon as she spoke. She had a high voice, like a little girl's, and she only knew 23 words. I know this for a fact, because we kept a list of the things Mama said tacked to the inside of the kitchen cabinet. Most of the words were common ones, like good and more and hot, but there was one word only my mother said: soof.

Although she lives an unconventional lifestyle with her mentally disabled mother and their doting neighbor, Bernadette, Heidi has a lucky streak that has a way of pointing her in the right direction. When a mysterious word in her mother's vocabulary begins to haunt her, Heidi's thirst for the truth leads her on a cross-country journey in search of the secrets of her past.

So B. It was a surprising story for me. It's about this girl Heidi who lives with her mother who is mentally disabled and their neighbor, Bernadette who is agoraphobic. Basically, it means that Bernadette can't go outside and is extremely terrified of it only going between her apartment and the special door that leads to Heidi's and her mom's. All Heidi knows about herself, is the fact that her mom and her showed up at Bernadette's apartment one night when Heidi was a baby and they had been together ever since.

Heidi's an extraordinary girl on a mission to find out who she is and where her and her mother, who calls her self So B. It, came from. This story was extremely different from things that I've read recently. Heidi is a strong character who is severely lucky and who is one of those people you can't say no to. One of those people where no matter how hard they push, everyone will always like them and they'll always get what they want, but she's so charming while doing it. You really feel for Heidi as she tries to understand who she is and what went on to her mother.

I thought it was an awesome story! I really liked it! The characters were so well-developed and the way that it was written really drew me in. It was a quick, good read and I definitely recommend it.
Another thing I found out right around that same time is that not knowing something doesn't mean you're stupid. All it means is that there's still room left to wonder.
Such a good quote that was on the second page and immediately drew me in. Love it!

My rating: 4/5
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Happy Reading!

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